Its nearly a year by now when i am writing about this, but its still one of the bestest memories, and every-time i think about this i feel great.

This was the time when me and three of my friends decided to visit a orphanage which falls in between Mumbai – Pune Highway. As usual we took our bikes , collected chocolates, biscuits, fruits and snacks in huge quantity and after riding for 45 kms reached the place.

The place was no good, some kids were studying , some were playing with not so new football, some were crying, some were just gazing at us…as soon as we reached they lined up as we are some auditing party 🙂

Then i asked their warden to distribute food we took for them, i still remember those expression: these kids having chocolates and biscuits, that amazing happiness , that look on those faces…and i was just observing them..i was just thinking why is god so unfair to some people…why is god like this, why …..blah blah blah…

i had a great conversation with all of them, some sang poem for me, some cracked jokes , some showed their toys to me, some were making fun of their frnds, one of them was good at singing, one of them danced too…one of them sang a poem about Maa (mother) which nearly made my eyes teary 😦

I don’t know when i will get time to visit that place again, but i surely will, i still feel attached to these kids and that’s why i named the post “My-Kids”



me at extreme left, my frnds at extreme right and rest all my kids 🙂


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