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VMware, Virtualization and Me

I have been learning visualization this semester so just sharing my Lab notes & Projects

These lab notes are not very neat and clean, but if some one gives some time he can use and learn some of the killer features provided by VMware with these.

  1. Lab1:  answers following question
  • How to Use a vCentre using vclient
  • How to Create vHost, DataCentre and DataStore
  • How to Create  VM on vHost using ISO
  • How to Clone already existing VM
  • How to Create network between two VM and ping each other.


  1. Lab2:  answers following  questions
  • How to Add a vHost to vCentre.
  • How to Deploy a vHost(ESX 5)
  • How to customize vHost networking properties.
  • How to enable vMotion
  • How to live migrate Virtual Machine.


  1. Lab3: answers following questions
  • How to deploy a vCentre
  • How to configure vCentre to be connected via vClient
  • Lab3 is base for Project2 so you might see Project2 (large scale log collector) description in “MY-PROJECTS” before using lab3 document.


  1. Lab4:  answers following questions
  • How to use VMware HA , DPM, DRS features
  • creating a cluster


  1. Project1:  see MY-PROJECTS (virtual Machine Manager) it can help you to find source code for.
  • How to use VI java API for all major functionality on vHost and Virtual Machine e.g
  • PowerOn, PowerOff & Suspend VM, Clone, Cold Migrate, vMotion migration, Create Alarm on VM, check alarm triggered status.
  • How to Create SnapShot, revert snapshot
  • How to Add a standalone host.
  • How to See performance statistics of Virtual Machine.
  1. Project2: see MY-PROJECTS (Large scale Log collector ) 
  • How to collect Virtual Machine performance statistics
  • Using VI performance collection metrics to collect RAM, CPU and other system related stats.
  • Stress testing of Virtual Machine using open source stress API
  • Python scripting and CRONTAB automation for log collection
  • Creating framework to collect huge log data locally and store them centrally for visualization purpose.